Anti-Doping Research and Don Catlin pursue support for new Dietary Supplement Survey initiative

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Anti-Doping Research (ADR) has been working in and around the realm of dietary supplements for some time.  Over the course of our history, we have worked on product contamination cases, medical issues stemming from dietary supplement use, characterization of new ingredients that have doping potential, media projects exposing new concerns, product testing for the Banned Substances Control Group Certification Program and more.  Our activities to date have dealt effectively with specific issues yet we have always sought a broader mechanism for evaluating the industry and the potential for controlled substances to contaminate dietary supplements.

There have been a few isolated studies on contamination in dietary supplements, but there has never been a fair and impartial industry-wide survey that examines this issue on an ongoing basis.  Surprisingly, there are no requirements today for the supplement industry to test raw materials or finished products for controlled substances, so the scope of the issue is unknown.  Through random sampling of dietary supplement products, analytical testing, and information dissemination, our Dietary Supplement Survey aims to differentiate the reputable players in the supplement industry from those that continue to introduce nefarious products, and to provide a network of information to consumers and athletes who seek safe supplementation.

Please take a few moments to explore our Dietary Supplement Survey.  We have announced the project in a recent press release and are currently in the process of generating the support and resources necessary to move forward.  Please contact us if you would like further information or if you are interested in supporting the project in some way.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Don & Oliver

About Anti-Doping Research, Inc.: Founded in 2005, Anti-Doping Research, Inc. (ADR) is a world-class center of analytical excellence and knowledge.  ADR’s mission is to utilize research, analytical services and education to identify dangerous and banned substances wherever they may be found and help halt their use.  ADR’s laboratory is an ISO 17025-accredited facility with a broad range of analytical capabilities.  ADR is a 501(c)(3) public charity/nonprofit/NGO; donations are most welcomed and are fully tax deductible.

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