Welcome to The Catlin Perspective

Today we are excited to formally launch our blog, The Catlin Perspective.  We are pleased to have this new forum to share our thoughts with our friends, colleagues and the general public.  We hope that the ideas we share can inspire fresh thinking and action and can lead to cleaner competition and improved safety of over-the-counter products.

In addition to the blog, we encourage you to explore our new website for The Catlin Consortium.  We are also excited to unveil the ADR Dietary Supplement Survey, a non-profit initiative, which aims to do more to protect the public and athletes from supplement contamination concerns through product testing, research and information dissemination.  The survey also provides enormous benefit to the supplement industry as it finally creates an objective way of differentiating reputable products and manufacturers from the nefarious ones.  We encourage you to join us in supporting this new project.

We hope you enjoy the blog and welcome comments and feedback that can inspire further discussion.

Best regards,

Don and Oliver

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